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About Reiki

1. Reiki is a Global Method of Healing – Reiki is practiced in hospitals and hospice centers all over the world making it medically recognized and accepted. Reiki is not a sole method of treatment, but a complimentary practice that often accelerates healing alongside other forms of health care. Reiki can do no harm, only help.

2. There are always studies being done on Reiki – The Center for Reiki Research (CRR) has dedicated decades of research to study reiki and determine its effectiveness and benefits. After rigorous testing with academically acclaimed researchers, reiki is cited as one of the “best practices in Scientific review”.

3. Reiki Provides Mental Health Benefits – There are some physical conditions of the body that lead to emotional disturbances. Typically that may mean pharmaceutical treatment with anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications. For someone seeking to go off of their medication (with their Doctor’s support) or avoid having to start taking medication, regular reiki sessions can be beneficial.

4. Reiki Offers Pain Relief – Reiki brings relief to those suffering from pain – anything from those struggling with headaches and migraines to cancer patients can experience significant benefits such as decreased pain, decreased levels of depression and stress, and improved sleep.

5. Reiki Improves Heart Health – One of the greatest benefits o reiki is relaxation and decreased stress. People that experience reiki regularly typically have lower blood pressure, slower heart rates, and are generally more health overall. A 2011 study at Yale was conducted using reiki on heart attack patients following  open heart surgery. Those that had reiki healed faster and had the lowest return rate of attacks for 3 years.

Although reiki has existed for hundreds of years, Reiki has recently been gaining notoriety for promoting deep relaxation, reducing stress and muscle tension, promoting the healing of physical ailments and injuries, instilling peace and calmness, and creating an overall sense of well being and returning to your authentic self. Everyone can benefit from reiki and if laying down for an hour of quiet time while someone does the healing work for you sounds like a dream, Reiki may be a good fit for you on your journey towards improved health and happiness!

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